Sunday, August 2, 2009

Musing on what would've been My Fathers 85th Birthday

A week ago (July 23rd) would have been my fathers 85th birthday...

As I realized this and counted up the years, warm tears stung my eyes with remembrances...
You see, my daddy died 23 years ago and although he has been gone all those years, I still miss him very much and I can still see his face as if it were just yesterday that we were together.
When we die, we don't simply vanish and ceased to exist; we are still alive through someones memories. Someone who cared greatly about us during life.
As I've grown older, I have also become aware that the faces and places that stick within our minds are the ones that are important. They are the ones of whom we cared most about in life. The ones that touched our hearts and our lives and that maybe we left an impression on and touched theirs.
I can still see their faces so clearly in my mind be it someone I saw today or someone I haven't seen for 40 years, if they were important to me, they are still there within my memories, right down to every line that creased their faces or the smile that lingered on their lips at our last meeting... and then I wonder, will they remember me?
When I die and cross over, will they recognise me? I have changed and grown older since our last meeting... but, I still know within my heart that I will know them.
It's that great unknown that has me so preoccupied these days, researching for my next trip into the realms of fantasy that will fill the pages of my next book.
I have always been a very logical person, a home-body that abhors breaks in my routine; but I was given a gift. I've always had the ability to face whatever the universal powers that be have thrown in my path and to help others face whatever they need help facing or to advise them, comfort them and to simply be there for them and others that I care about.
It is within those pages of my writing that I can escape to another place and another time. A place and time that I control. I create characters that I can mold into the people I think they should be; it is a world that I control... and although I reach back through time, to places and events and people I have never met; it is I who create their world and the people and places within this world; a world where fantasy and reality combine to make a place for you and me to escape.
Come visit me and my world within the pages of my books...
Love and Peace be with you all.
{{Hugs}} Susan

She Walks the Night Winds
by: Susan Cobb Beck
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ISBN: 978-1-60749-375-4