Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quick Notes

Quick notes to let everyone know what’s going on these days -
I finally finished "When the Yellow Mocker Calls" and it is available on Amazon as an E-book or Print book along with the rest of my books - Actually, I wrote it about 9 yrs ago; it was the first full novel I wrote; however, it had a different title and was published by an ‘un-reputable’ company, which I shall not name that held rights to it for 7 years. Biggest mistake of my writing career - I opted out of renewing my “Contract” in Feb so that I could revise it, properly publish it, and make it available at a reasonable cost- all of which needed attention way before now.
Emmy’s Journey was actually written, taking up where When the Yellow Mocker Calls so some of you who enjoyed Emmy’s Journey may want to read it or vise-versa - read When the Yellow Mocker Calls before reading Emmy’s Journey.

 The second novel I wrote is also tied up with the same company, and when my contract renewal comes up next year I plan to do the same and revise and publish it- I think y’all will enjoy it.