Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Characters Write the Story

As everyone can guess, I am not a blogger. I write fiction - well, most times I take a little reality and throw in a lot of idealism which amounts to the same thing- so when it comes to telling you all what’s going on in my life I get what most would call “Writers Block”. I am a loner; a closed mouthed type personality; I don’t like to put my personal life/business in the street nor do I splatter it across social media sites. However, I realize that as a writer I owe it to my readers to let y’all know what is going on with my writing, so I will try to share what is up with us these days. As most of you know, I write under several personalities/names, most frequently the Lila Beckham personality takes over. She is more open when it comes to communicating with the Characters- she lets them run wild, while I am more controlling and tend to over-think them and try to analyze what they try to convey, which slows the process a great deal; therefore, it is a constant battle. Once Lila has wrestled the reins from me, she lets the character develop into what they want to be, not what we wish them to be. I hope that makes sense. (The Characters Write the Story) Lila is the one “The Sheriff” Joshua Stokes, talks with most; they have a good rapport and write well together - if you ask me, she is a little more invested than she ought to be- I think she believes he will come to life one day and they can ‘be together’ if you know what I mean. Right now, Lila has several books going - the latest adventure with the Sheriff they’re calling “Markers” is due out Nov 15, 2014
- but, they’ve also delved into the next in the series and say they should have it finished by late spring/early summer of 2015. She is splitting her time between the Sheriff and a new cast of Characters that have come to life in a new ‘Historical Scorcher’ as she refers to it, that she has titled “Desireé - the Memoirs of Desireé de Comte Lafontaine”
And, she’s right, it is Sizzling - it makes me blush just reading over her shoulder as they write! I am eager for our readers to read it but also anxious about it. Come November, we will catch up with what has been going on with ‘The Sheriff’ - and for everyone’s Christmas, we will introduce the characters of Desireé. I also have several irons in the fire that I work on when time allows- there just aren’t enough hours in the day folks ;)

Update - computer crashed - had to go with a different cover and I changed the title to Salomé  pronounced Sal-lo-mae. It's on Amazon, listed under L Beckham

Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy as all get out!

I have not forgotten about you folks, just been busy as all get out! I have a few irons in the fire besides taking care of routine household stuff so my different personalities are juggling for turns to do what they do best -- just wish one of them liked to clean house! LOL. I finished Fallout (A Joshua Stokes Mystery) it is the second in the series with Dumping Grounds being the first. It is available on in both e-book and print form so I have been busy trying to promote it along with all my other books that are already published. To Date, I have written ten books that are on Amazon under either my real name or one of my pseudonyms. Currently, "the Sheriff" and I have been working on the third installment in the Joshua Stokes Mysteries, it will be called "Markers" — look for it this fall. Along with a few characters I told y'all about in a previous blog, I am also channeling the spirit of a young woman from the early 1800's who calls herself Desireé, She is turning out to be an interesting character if I do say so myself. Therefore, I have eased her to the back-burner to simmer until I can devote more time to her. Until next time, keep it between the ditches. Susan aka Lila aka Samuel ;)