Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting ready to do some serious writing. I'm Taking a little time for myself!

Writing is a great COMFORT to me - it is something I enjoy - it releases my stress - I can go on - I never get to write as much as I'd like to. The worlds I enter into when writing are my escape... My family may argue that I spend a lot of time writing - what they do not realize is that although I am sitting at my computer many hours out of the day, I am jumping up to do this, or to do that. Their supper is always ready by five o'clock. Their clothes are always washed and folded. The house may not be spotless, but it is livable. All the Animals are fed... and the list goes on. I also take care of a four year old. Any of you that have children know how many times you have to do this, that, or the other for them. They are constantly needing (I am not complaining - love her to death!) I am the family Matriarch therefore they all (husband, daughters, son, brothers, sister, grand-children, nieces, etc.) call me if they're having trouble or need something; the phone is always ringing. My point is - I do NOT spend ENOUGH time writing! I can be on a roll - words flowing like a river and then BAM! have to stop for something - by the time I read over what I had written and get back into the flow- more time has been wasted. What really bothers me though, is when I think of something as I am writing and then have to leave it so fast that I don't have time to make a note, and get back to the computer and the 'thought process has completely vanished - sometimes, I never recover that exact thought- my memory sucks lemons the last few years! - anyhow the brilliant thought that would have made the book better is gone - oftentimes replaced with a meager attempt to regain it - In the end, the book is usually good - however, I think it could have been better. Today is the beginning of Labor Day weekend and I hope to do some serious writing this weekend. I have started a sequel to Dumping Grounds that I have titled 'Fallout' 23,000 plus into it. I think y'all are gonna like it ;) I have several novels that I have set aside to work on the project - I also write under another pen name - trying my hand at YA. Have projects swarming my brain so fast cannot get it all out. In the end we will see what has come of it. Y'all pray for me and be patient. In the end it will be as intended, an escape for someone else from reality - at least for a little while ;) Y'all have a safe and enjoyable weekend Susan

Monday, August 5, 2013

Working on a Sequel

Have you ever wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, stomp your feet, and pitch a regular ol’ Hissy Fit? Well, I have, here-lately its all the time. These grown, lazy-ass people around here drive me crazy. I have been trying to write, but it is hard when you have to jump up every couple of minutes to get a curtain climber off the top of the freaking house, or clean up something they have spilt or broken. I am about ready to become a stark raving lunatic and I do not want to write in that frame of mind. I am trying to get a sequel going on Dumping Grounds because I have had many requests for the return of The Sheriff, Joshua Stokes. I cannot blame the readers for wanting more of him, for although he was an invention of my devious mind, I fell in love with this character. I want to explore him a little more deeply than I did in the first book. See exactly how far I can take him… I think I could write several more novels following this perfectly, imperfect, sexy hunk of man around ;) Y’all pray that the demons do not devour me and cause me to go ballistic and clean my house of these individuals that are driving me nuts!