Monday, August 5, 2013

Working on a Sequel

Have you ever wanted to scream at the top of your lungs, stomp your feet, and pitch a regular ol’ Hissy Fit? Well, I have, here-lately its all the time. These grown, lazy-ass people around here drive me crazy. I have been trying to write, but it is hard when you have to jump up every couple of minutes to get a curtain climber off the top of the freaking house, or clean up something they have spilt or broken. I am about ready to become a stark raving lunatic and I do not want to write in that frame of mind. I am trying to get a sequel going on Dumping Grounds because I have had many requests for the return of The Sheriff, Joshua Stokes. I cannot blame the readers for wanting more of him, for although he was an invention of my devious mind, I fell in love with this character. I want to explore him a little more deeply than I did in the first book. See exactly how far I can take him… I think I could write several more novels following this perfectly, imperfect, sexy hunk of man around ;) Y’all pray that the demons do not devour me and cause me to go ballistic and clean my house of these individuals that are driving me nuts!

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