Saturday, September 7, 2013

Y’all bear with me; I have too many irons in the fire

Y’all bear with me; I have too many irons in the fire I have too many things going on, so many that it is hard to separate them at times. Do you ever feel the urge to just beat someone’s face to a bloody pulp because of the way they look at you? Well, I do - all the time. The only thing that saves them is my ability to separate fantasy from reality - my fantasy would ultimately land me in jail. LOL My characters have begun to carry over into my real life space. What I mean by that is that I find myself in character even now, as I write this. At the moment, I am the Sheriff, Joshua Stokes. He is the protagonist (Lead Character) of my novel Dumping Grounds and the sequel is going to be Awesome! I have decided to call it Fallout. I reckon I am in character because I have been writing the sequel and when I quit writing so that I can do something else, I am afraid that I will lose him. I am also writing a short story to enter into a contest and I am working on at least five more novels that I want to finish and publish; besides all of that, I am cooking, washing, and cleaning for my family - I am exhausted! Marketing me as a writer and marketing my books takes a fair amount of energy and time. Y’all, my fans, can help by telling people about my books and writing reviews on them on sites like Amazon and Good Reads and this place called Shelfari that is a part of Amazon. Til next time, adieus ;) Fallout Cover

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