Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sheriff - Joshua Stokes

Just dropping a note to let everyone know I am still here. Been busy marketing my newest novels 'Dumping Grounds' which I published under the name Lila Beckham and 'Beyond the Willow Tree' which was published under Susan C Beck. I also published a 'flash fiction' 8 page (mini-novel) called The Empty Room. I have also been writing! I started another novel - a sequel to Dumping Grounds. I've had many women wanting the character of Sheriff Joshua Stokes - to return. LOL, it seems they cannot get enough of the sheriff! Everything is available on Character Bio: Joshua Stokes 50-year-old Joshua Stokes is the charismatic and dedicated sheriff of Mobile County, Alabama. If asked to use one word to describe him, most folks would say, levelheaded. Women find Joshua attractive, and although he could have his pick of available women in the county, Joshua chooses to live alone. He enjoys the solitude of his 150-year-old cabin that sets alongside the Escatawpa River and was once the residence of the old Moffett Plantation’s overseer. Stokes is a spiritual man unconcerned with material things. However, deep down inside, Joshua Stokes is a lonely man who drinks too much and hides his pain behind a brave face and dry wit. Stokes is known for his manners, strength, and old-fashioned approach. His dedication to the law and his passion for maintaining the pride and chivalry of the Old South make him a desirable lawman. Until next time - Y''all have a good day! Susan aka Lila

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