Thursday, February 25, 2016

Obscurity - a Song of Myself Continues

Obscurity - a Song of Myself Continues

It amazes me how quickly a year can pass- It passes virtually unnoticed when one is catapulted through life unaware of their surroundings; or I should say, in denial of their surroundings. Another year has passed and here I am in the same predicament that I always find myself in when I take stock of reality. The many things I intended to do and never got around to are still waiting for me to finish them; they’ll continue to wait until I either get to them or I don’t. How is it that old saying goes - time waits on no one… It doesn’t - it can’t. Time marches to its own beat- tick tock, tick tock - take stock, take stock…
Desiring something, but not working toward it is called laziness - self depravation is more like it. Depriving one’s self of what could be or might have been because reality sucks dinosaur dicks and it actually takes several cups of sugar to turn lemons into lemonade.
I still haven’t written that great American novel- I haven’t even finished those I’ve started and at present, they number at least five - If the clock doesn’t slow down, I may find myself this time next year, sitting in the same obscure cubbyhole doing the same thing I’m doing now, which is piddling around- look up procrastinate in the dictionary and you’ll see my name printed next to it. However, the fact of the matter is - I desire to remain obscure, secure in my self-indulged pity and wallowing in the pigsty of a world that I’ve created in my mind… But, it’s alright - they know me there.

© 25, February, 2016 - A song of myself continues - Lila Beckham

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