Monday, November 2, 2015

I am a terrible blogger - updates to what's going on with me.

I am a terrible blogger - Nearly a year has come an gone since my last post and still I plug along- endeavoring to finish those things I started. For the time-being, the Sheriff, Joshua Stokes, is on the back-burner; his stories will have to wait until I finish the Historical Romance I'm writing that I think will be titled, Thomas and Allie. It is set in Charleston, South Carolina during the dark years of the Civil War. I am 65000 words into it and there is plenty more to go- Life interferes so often that I do not get to write as much as I'd like to.

At Just sixteen years of age, Allie Maples has met and fallen in love with Thomas Jackson, a young entrepreneur who at 24 owns his own shipping company- he becomes a blockade runner during the war, which keeps the separated much of the time.
Somewhat of a description of the two main characters is below.

Allie Maples has a sparkle in her eyes that draws men the way watermelon draws flies on a hot summer day. She is bright, self-assured, and beautiful. Even though she has not yet turned sixteen, she knows exactly what she wants out of life. Her ideal life is not, confined to a plantation as its mistress; she wants the exotic, she wants mystery, she wants travel and adventure. However, when Allie travels to Charleston, South Carolina with her mother to visit relatives at Christmas, in the year 1860, the last thing she expects is to meet and fall in love with a handsome young Yankee.

Thomas Jackson is dashing and debonair- he is a handsome, independent, young entrepreneur who currently makes his home in Charleston. So far, he has avoided being caught up in any young woman’s web that was looking to wrangle a marriage proposal out of him; however, the first time he lays eyes on Allie Maples, of Savannah, Georgia, he determines to make her his. Allie is excitingly different from the other young women he has known. Her dark, copper colored hair, olive complexion, and emerald green eyes spark a fire in him that even a looming War Between the States is unable to extinguish…  However, the war threatens to keep them apart when the Northern forces begin blockading Southern ports…
Now enters Christopher Andrews - a young Confederate Sergeant that falls in love with Allie at his uncles birthday ball. Allie is also very attracted to him...

Will the war and Christopher Andrews succeed in ripping them apart or will true love find a way?

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